Стоматология Хол


Multidisciplinary Clinic of Family Dentistry Dental Svit equipped with modern equipment, the latest and highest quality materials. One of the most important tasks for us is patient safety. Therefore, all professional instruments are sterilized and disinfected using modern means and special equipment of leading European companies. Each of our visitors can, if desired, freely see the sterilization process. All our doctors have at least 10 years of experience. We provide all types of prosthetics and treatments: cermet and non-metal crowns, removable and non-removable prosthetics, "Inlay" and "Onlay" tabs, prosthetics on implants with complete or partial absence of teeth. Our clinic collaborates with advanced dental laboratories equipped with modern equipment, which makes it possible to convey the color, transparency and anatomical shape of each tooth individually. A modern laser installation and qualified specialists will allow you to quickly and painlessly conduct a phrenectomy - excision of the frenum of the tongue or lip. All medical procedures are carried out using effective painkillers. We will return you a healthy smile!