Our clinic provides all types of dental care.

Professional hygiene

Do you know that clean, well-groomed teeth do not hurt? We will teach you how to brush your teeth at home and recommend a toothpaste suitable for you. In addition, we recommend that you conduct professional hygiene in the clinic once every six months. We use German ultrasound machines to remove dental deposits, which do not harm the teeth and gums. We also use the Air Flow device, which allows you to remove plaque from hard-to-reach places. The device uses special calcium carbonate powder (pearls) from a well-known German company KaVo, which perfectly polishes teeth, without any side effects.


Our clinic provides all types of dental implants, among which there are one-stage, two-stage, delayed and express implantation. A particular implantation method is applied individually, depending on numerous factors; taking into account the condition of the patient’s bone tissue, individual characteristics of the body, concomitant diseases, etc. We use the latest Nobel Biocare, MIS, and other systems to accelerate the adaptation and engraftment of the implant, with a minimal risk of rejection.The main advantage of implantation is the ability to restore aesthetics, chewing effectiveness and full-fledged dental function., Without the need to violate the integrity of adjacent teeth for prosthetics. After completion of all stages of implantation, only an expert can distinguish an artificial tooth from a native one because the crown of the artificial tooth will correspond to the anatomical shape and color of the missing tooth.