Patient Buravlena I.G.

DentalSvit Clinic has shown itself as one of the best clinics in Odessa Excellent doctors: Evdokimova V.V. , Vasilieva M.N. Good medical staff. I recommend to everyone. Prices are consistent with the quality of service.

Deulina Anna

Thanks to the huge DentalSvit clinic, especially Vera Vladimirovna and Linda. Nowadays, it’s not very easy to find a professional, and a professional who gets high on what he does is virtually impossible. Vera and Linda are the same people !!! My smile is just a sight for sake !!! THANK

Alena Nikitina

Cool specialists, awesome doctors! We go to this clinic from Kiev. Here our whole family is being treated !!!!!!! We RECOMMEND this clinic !!!


The lower left seventh tooth, almost the whole, crumbled. I made an appointment with Anna Yuryevna. Dental nerves were removed, channels were cleansed and filled, tooth restorations were added. Anesthesia was done very well, and there was no pain. I needed a picture - made in a minute on the spot, no expectations of the appearance of the picture, etc. all through a computer and modern equipment.After all, they cleaned the stones and plaque with ultrasound, and then with something else under high pressure to remove the remains in hard-to-reach places, like under a kercher 🙂 I’m very pleased with the doctor, she is professional and very scrupulous, I can even say jewelry 10 times double-check that everything was perfect, generally does as for myself, I recommend! And in general, a modern approach is felt in this clinic, equipment, specials. clothes, the manner of work of doctors and staff, generally super, Europe in a word!

Gureeva Larisa Nikolaevna

Very grateful to the head of Evdokimova V.V. And the clinic staff for their professional approach and timely assistance. Prices correspond to quality. Highly recommend.

Alexey Puzanov

Thank you, satisfied. We made several fillings and ultrasonic toothbrushing. After ultrasonic brushing, the gums stopped bleeding. Prices are normal. The only thing you need to record on time.

Pleshka V.F.

Many thanks to the doctors of the DentalSvit clinic for the quality work. In particular, thanks to Vera Vladimirovna and Linda Victoria Recomend for everybody. Well done !!! Thank!!!